thai hung thinh Joint stock company

Establish in 2002, Thai Hung Thinh Company has a market share, reputation for quality and acceptable price

Through the process of construction and supply of the above products, We believe in our experience created by a team of experienced engineers and skilled workers

With the goal of development, constantly strive. We look forward to working closely, successfully and affirming our position in the market.

forward the development

Always look forward to better quality of service and products

Follow the success

The success of the whole team of employees and customers, partners who have trusted and supported

We have determined the best synergy and born of Thai Hung Thinh Corporation in 2002. With a team of experienced engineers and skilled workers in the manufacturing sectors: lights, the circular cone, octagonal, polygonal and corridor walls types (traffic safety shield), the Company has implemented installation and provides products in many projects in the market of Vietnam and some countries such as Campuchia, Lao, Korea, etc. From the residential areas, industrial parks factories and public squares, public lighting systems. The Company has gradually asserted its position in the marketplace.

As an enterprise with large scale orientation and diversification of products, we are looking forward to the cooperation in order to meet the quality and price of customers

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